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Licensing & Purchase FAQ



How can a purchase a Dacons plug-in license?

You can purchase a Dacons plug-in license through our website

What is the difference between a network and a developer license?

A network license has to be purchased if the plug-in will be used by an enterprise solution (a solution that is developed for and used in one organization). The developer license can be used by one named developer company and can be distributed royalty free with his solution that is intended for a third party. A Server license permits to run the plug-in on FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server Advanced for server site scripting and Web Publishing. The Server license is included into all Developer Licenses and in Network licenses, which allows for 10 or more users in the network. For details please refer to the license agreement. The links to the license agreements can be found on the 'purchase and license' page of each plug-in.

What are the 'users' in network licenses?

A single user license can be used on one computer. A 5 user license for example can be used by 5 clients in the network at the same time.

What are the 'users' in developer licenses?

The amount of users in a developer license specifies how many plug-ins can run at the same time in the end users network. If you distribute your solution with a developer license for 10 user of our plug-in up to 10 clients at your end users network can run your solution at the same time.

When is a license required that supports FileMaker Server?

A license that supports FileMaker Server is required when you intend to use a plug-in on FileMaker Server (Advanced).

When would I use the plug-in on FileMaker Server?

You would use a plug-in on FileMaker Server if you intend to use plug-in functions on server side, e.g. for Server-Side Scripting (SSS). You would also use a plug-in with FileMaker Server (Advanced) for solutions that you share via Web Publishing. Licenses that support FileMaker Server show a FileMaker Server icon on the purchase pages.

Do I also need a Server license if I use the plug-in on the client side?

If your only makes use of the plug-in functions on client side FileMaker Server support of the plug-in is not required.

Which licenses cover the plug-in use on FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server Advanced?

For solutions that make use of the plug-in on client and server side higher network licenses (>= 10 users) and all developer licenses cover FileMaker Server use with the plug-in. If your solution requires the plug-in functions only on server side (Server-Side Scripting or Web Publishing, no client side the plug-in functions) the plug-in license for FileMaker Server is your choice.

Are there any royalty fees? Is there any license fee I have to pay when I ship my product with Dacons plug-ins developer license?

No. After purchase of a the developer license no further fees or royalties have to be paid to Dacons. Your solution can be distributed to an unlimited number of customers.

How do I distribute my Dacons plug-in with my solution?

Corresponding plug-in file(s) should be included in to your database distribution. The plug-in file(s) should be installed to the 'Extensions' folder of your solution.

The licensee must not modify or remove copyright notices or serial numbers or signatures that may be included within the software or displayed on the screen. Licensee may only distribute the plug-in in conjunction with and as a part of Licensee's own software product. When distributing FileMaker solutions to end users, Licensee must ensure that the plug-in registration code is not made visible to end users.

Where do I find the license agreement for Dacons plug-ins?

You find a link to the license agreement on the 'purchase and license' page of each plug-in.

How do I upgrade my license for more end-users?

You can change your current license to a license that allows more users. Single licenses are excluded from this. Please contact with the registration data of the current license you consider to change and with information about which license you want to use. We will send you a cost estimate with a special link for direct purchase of the upgrade.

Can I change the licensee's name of my license?

Yes you can. Please send a copy of the original payment confirmation email and a request for license name change to

Which payment options do you provide?

Through our store (Plimus) you have the following payment options:
Major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express
Postal checks?
Money transfer
Money order
Purchase order

How is the licensed software delivered after purchase?

The software is delivered electronically. You will receive an email from us. Please make sure you white list in your spam filter. You can download the latest version of the plug-in from and the downloaded version becomes the registries version as soon as you enter the registration data. The process is described in the registration data email.

I purchased a license and did not receive my registration data. What shell I do?

Please allow up to 48 hours of license delivery. Please make sure you white list in your spam filter and check your 'junk mail' to make sure your spam engine did not filter our message. You can also contact with your name and company name to request a copy of the registration data. In this email please provide an alternative email address preferably from a different email host.

How can I obtain an invoice?

Contact with your Reference Number to obtain your invoice after purchase. Alternatively contact our sales team click here.

My company does not allow me to purchase via Internet. What options do I have?

You can purchase via phone or fax. If you would like to make payment for an order by telephone, simply fill out the product Order Form as you normally would and select "Phone" on the "Payment Method" section, this will provide you with the phone number you need to use to call in your payment information. Same goes for orders by fax.

How do you guarantee my satisfaction with your software?

Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy: You can test-drive our plug-ins before purchase for free. If you buy a Dacons license, your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can return your license within 30 days after purchase if you are not fully satisfied and get a refund.

Do you offer discounts for academic and non-profit organizations?

Yes, we do offer significant discounts for educational and non-profit organizations. Please fill in your educational and non-profit form to receive an offer.

I am developing a cross-platform solution for Windows and Mac OS X. Do I need a separate license for each development platform?

All license versions of our plug-ins are fully cross-platform.

I entered the Mailit 4 registration code and got the message that the registration code is not valid. What can I do?

Remove any 3 plug-in from the FileMaker extension folder (if there is any) and make sure you download the latest version of Mailit 4 at

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