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ChartFire ChartFire


Enrich your solution with supreme charts. Learn more.

ChartFire provides customizable charts generation facilities. Each chart is produced as a PNG or JPEG image, which can be stored within a container field, or exported to disk.

Toolbar Toolbar


Create real custom toolbars for your FileMaker solution. Learn more.

Toolbar lets you create your own toolbars that are rendered in a system-native style on Mac OS X and Windows. The plugin gives FileMaker solutions a convenient user interface that is today's standard.

MenuControl MenuControl

MenuControl 5

Create custom main, context and pop-up menus in FileMaker. Learn more.

MenuControl 5 provides essential extended functionality over the FileMaker 8-12 "custom menus" feature and provide customer menus even in earlier version of FileMaker. Also control the FileMaker window buttons.

ScriptFire ScriptFire


Schedule scripts in custom intervals for execution in FileMaker 5-12. Learn more.

Schedule scripts, control user access to windows and layouts. Check user input after leaving a field or record and define events that trigger scripts when users access certain layouts or switch windows even in FileMaker 5-12.

FileFire FileFire


Go beyond file management capabilities of FileMaker. Learn more.

List the contents of folders in FileMaker including file attributes like name and icon. Launch any external file from within FileMaker. Copy, move and delete files. Change file attributes, use ZIP features and more.

Mailit Mailit

Upgrade Now to new Mailit 5

The ultimate email plug-in for FileMaker. Learn more.

Mailit 5 brings full email functionality to FileMaker including all essential email client features, rich content sending of messages and integration of POP and IMAP email receiving directly into FileMaker.

UPDATE NOW TO MenuControl 5

Use an entire suite of menu and security functions not found in the default FileMaker 12 Advanced! Learn more.

Latest News - Dacons products not affected by Heartbleed bug
Mailit 5 for FileMaker 7-11 Toolbar for FileMaker FileFire Advanced for FileMaker 7-10 ScriptFire for FileMaker
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