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What Users Say

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Mailit 6 for FileMaker 10-15

What Users Say

The first verion of the FileMaker email plug-in Mailit has been released in 1999. Today it is used by thousands of FileMaker enthusiasts in close to 40 countries all over the globe. Read below what satisfied users say about this product.

Your plug-in sold itself immediately when I opened 'Simple Sending'. Your very simple, understandable and elegant design interface made me 'want yours' before I'd even tested it. Testing was flawless. I'm very impressed. Thanks for such a good tool.

M. Olson - FileMaker Developer, Grand Rapids, MN, USA it is extremely easy to set up and use - brilliant!

F. Pearson - FileMaker Developer

A fine and powerful solution to bring email connectivity directly into my database organization. There are so many things you could imagine with these "email doors to the world" in FileMaker and there is a lot of effort behind the development of this wonderful plug-in.

Guido Wenzl, FileMaker Developer, Germany

I am impressed with the speed and professionalism of your product. I sent myself an email with an attachment. Everything worked correctly... Thanks for a great product.

Wes M. FileMaker Developer

Now at least, we can close the Gates to e-mail virusses!

Andre van Deun, FileMaker Developer, Belgium

It's the easiest plug in that I have recently tried and I have tried almost all of them offered on the FMP homepage. ... I am very impressed with the work that you have done and am very impressed with your documentation. This is one of the very rare occasions that I actually decide to purchase demo software. You guys seem to do great work. Thank you!

Tracy M.

I like your plug-in. Status bars are a nice touch. Example DBs are clear and straightforward. Would like to buy a developers license [...]. dbMailer does the job but has a kludy UI and programming setup. I would rather go with you folk.


Your product provides us with distinct benefits. [...] It will enable us to provide better services to our customers. The performance of the sending and receiving seems to be much faster than Entourage.

Keith Douglas, FileMaker Developer, Australia

I must say there is a wide variety of ways to accomplish the task of sending an email through FileMaker Pro, but the fastest and easiest way to get the job done was with your plug-in. I did some rough calculations and found that your plug-in was about TEN (10) times faster than the other two FileMaker [email] Plug-ins. ... I continue to be impressed with your product and look forward to more products and updates from your company...

Michael Clare, Sr. Software Engineer/Analyst, World Markets Group, AC seems like such a great idea. I'd previously written basic email I/O for FileMaker myself so was pleased to see such a full featured version available.

Dave F.

Already tested [] 5 minutes after downloading, this is the answer to my present wishes, excellent stuff.

Steve B., Switzerland

I have just completed some lengthy trials with on FMP5 and have to say that I'm impressed. I am going to buy the plug-in...

John W., UK

It is really a fantastic plug-in you have developed. It should be something every FMP developer or user should have in his tool box.

S.F., FileMaker Pro Developer, Sweden

Ok, I downloaded the demo. I like what you have done here. The get mail from a specific user function is a lifesaver.

Stefany B., USA

Echt coole Sache. funktioniert praktisch auf Anhieb und schneller als Billy Boy's Outlook.

Willi B., Switzerland

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If you would like to add your comment, please fell free to drop us a note. We appreciate your feedback!

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