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Upgrade to Mailit 6

Take advantage of Dacons' upgrade offer!

Upgrade to Mailit 6

For owners the upgrade to Mailit 6 is easy and allows developing even more powerful and up-to date email solutions with FileMaker 10-16

Three Easy Steps to Upgrade

1. Learn about new Mailit 6 features below.

2. Download the new plug-in Mailit 6 and test it instantly with your solution.

3. Check out our affordable upgrade prices and purchase Mailit 6 as an upgrade at a 40% discount toward the full version.

New Mailit 6 Features!

Learn about new Mailit 6 features below.

Instant use of Mailit 6 in exchange for Mailit 5 in FileMaker solutions
  • The transition from Mailit 5 to Mailit 6 is very easy, and the only reason to modify the scripting code is to benefit from the new features, introduced in Mailit 6.
Background Sending and Receiving
  • Mailit 6 adds threaded receiving to the existing set of features for threaded sending allowing full email processing in the background. Leave your FileMaker solutions accessible and responsive while processing email.
64bit Support
  • Mailit 6 provides a 64bit support for FileMaker Server 12-16.

Mailit 6 Availability

Mailit 6 trial version is available for free download here. The download comes with extensive documentation and a new set of example files that demonstrate some of the new Mailit 6 features.

Upgrade Pricing

All owners of Mailit 5 can take advantage of significant discounts while buying Mailit 6 by upgrading their Mailit 5 license to a Mailit 6 license. Upgrades start at 52 USD for a single user version and at 299 USD for a medium developer license.

Upgrades can be purchased here immediately.

Instant Use of Mailit 6 in exchange for Mailit 5 in FileMaker Solutions

Please notice that none of the code changes described below are critical while employing Mailit 6 in exchange for Mailit 5 in a FileMaker solution. Therefore, any programming time invested leads to direct improvements of your FileMaker solution by leveraging new Mailit 6 features. Your migration effort is minimized close to zero!

General recommendations:
  'Emai_Version': Update if necessary (Mailit 6 function call will return the major version based on '6').


You can refer to our FAQ pages to find answer to questions regarding Mailit 6 and upgrading instantly. For questions how to purchase an upgrade from Mailit 5 to Mailit 6 contact our sales department.

For questions on Mailit 6 functionality and new features contact our support.

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