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Mailit 6 for FileMaker 10-16

Customer Stories

The combination of FileMaker and Mailit opens a whole new world of possibilities in email communication and management.

Thousands of users in over 40 countries are using Mailit. Our clients include large corporations like Apple Computer, NASA, Disney and Fuji Film.

Here are a few of them stating in detail how Mailit improves their business: (click on the link to read details)

Frank Seipel

Gahanna, USA
Home Business

I wrote up a solution to parse "Item sold" e-mails from's website, so that when I receive a book order, a packing slip and "record slip" are generated from my printer at the time of the order. Also the order is input into a database automatically.

Problems solved:
This improved my efficiency considerably; I no longer have to download the fulfillment reports from Amazon and import them into FileMaker manually. Also, I know immediately when I've sold something and can just stuff it in an envelope in my free time, rather than all at once after downloading a fulfillment report.

Griffo N.V. (prepress)
Imschoot N.V. (press)

Wim Claeys
Gent, Belgium

Traditional printing company

Recently we opened a shop. For the promotion of that we did a mailing to all our clients, in html-format. We will do this every month. After searching for a while, was the most interesting solution to do that kind of mass-mailing to a 700 clients.

Problems solved: is a quasi pre-configured package for doing what I wanted to do. Only a few adaptations to my situation were needed.

DataWorks Pro
James Hea

FileMaker Developer

Powerful contact management and communication tool. Stand alone FileMaker Pro solution for small businesses, professionals and non-profit organizations. Integrated email functionality (individual mails and mass-mailing) using

Peter Bergantino
Business Manager

Allfieds Customised Training Solutions
Wellington, New Zealand

We have very successfully implemented for our JSP web forms resulting in immediate email back to the respondent (with HTML embedded or plain reply and Bcc to us). The backend databases have some "interesting" calc fields and scripting combinations in order to generate the right response. The plug-in was instrumental in enabling us to build this with a FM Pro backend. We have found it to be fast and reliable.
On the front page right column last hyperlink select "Book Courses Now!" and then complete the form -- try the HTML dropdown for a nice looking response.

Problems solved:
Customised email responds to user requests.

Markus Schneider
ReM Software GmbH
Solothurn, Switzerland

Address-module as part of a reservation system (rooms, etc.). from that module our customers are sending mass-emails to their clients using and other types of correspondence via email.

Michael Crawford
Career Programs Consultant

School District #52
Prince Rupert, Canada

Work experience database to track students accessing work experience in our school district. As each registers online, a reply via is sent to them indicating receipt of their application.

Problems solved:
Allows me the flexibility to produce information directly from each student's file, ie., the name of each place that a student has registered to access (up to six are listed).

Greg Jewett
Senior Operating Systems Specialist

The University of Texas at Austin

Email Archiving system to CD for University Staff and Faculty within research and engineering departments. (They keep everything)

Problems solved:
Automated process of moving email to a format that is universally accessed regarding platform and using a common application loaded on all Macs and PCs, i.e. FileMaker.

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