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FileMaker Plugins Dacons LLP Home 2 2 enables you to import file names, paths and icons into FileMaker 2 for FileMaker

Click here for FileFire Advanced, a plug-in compatible with FileMaker 7-10.

Product Info

Import Files and Open them out of FileMaker 2 is available for FileMaker 6 and earlier. It supports Windows, Mac Classic and Mac OS X. If your are looking for a FileMaker 7-9 version of this plug-in check out FileFire Express. Significant upgrade discounts apply for users. version 2 enables you to import file names, paths and icons into FileMaker. Additionally, any file can be opened out of FileMaker together with its parent application.

This plug-in is a small solution to a big problem. Now you can manage your files with your existing FileMaker solution. This can be helpful if you would like to link certain documents on your local computer or your intranet to records of your database. For instance, store references to all corresponding files for one customer (Word documents, Excel sheets etc) in your FileMaker customer database. Easily find, open and organize documents related to that one customer directly out of FileMaker. 2 lets you import file paths in two ways. Show a File Open dialog to let users locate a certain file or let them select a complete folder instead and import all files from it using a simple FileMaker script. Fully customizable file type filters ensure that only relevant file types are imported.

This FileMaker plug-in is fully scriptable from external functions. This allows you to set the plug-in specific preferences directly from your existing FileMaker solution. is a straightforward plug-in which is easy to use and implement. Providing a few well documented functions, this plug-in makes linking FileMaker records to external files a snap for every FileMaker user.

What Users Say

I have been using for the last couple of days. I downloaded the trial version of and within minutes I was opening external files with ease. I'm going to buy the plug-in . It works great.

A.B. Vancouver, B.C., Canada

I've used the product for and it fills the need! It was straightforward and simple to link to external programs and files.

John, Ottawa, Canada

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Redistribution License

If you would like to redistribute the plug-in together with your FileMaker solution (i.e. as a bound runtime) we suggest obtaining a developer license. Please review the Pricing Page for further information. However, in order to use the plug-in together with a FileMaker bound runtime solution you will have to create a System folder (Windows) or a FileMaker Extensions folder within the solution folder and place the plug-in inside.

Download the Trial Version and Sample Database

Download a trial version of this simple but powerful FileMaker plug-in today for free. Start using in minutes and import your own files and icons into FileMaker!

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