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Mailit released

7 March 2017 -- Dacons Limited announces the immediate availability of Mailit for FileMaker 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 and 10. Mailit 6 is the ultimate email plug-in for FileMaker. This maintenance update provides improved functionality as Mailit 6 is now compatible with FileMaker 15, and addresses some minor issues.

Main Features of Mailit 6
- Native FileMaker 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 and 10 plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X
- FileMaker Server SSS (Server Side Scripting) and IWP (Instant Web Publishing) compatibility
- 64bit support for FileMaker Server 12-15
- Send and receive email from within FileMaker
- Background sendings and receiving support
- Attachments can be stored in container fields
- Preview messages with inline images using FileMaker Web viewer, or default Web browser
- Download history for POP3 protocol can be stored in container field, which allows sharing the history in a workgroup
- Unicode and local encodings supported for incoming and outgoing messages
- SSL connection to IMAP, POP3 and SMTP servers
- Files and pictures from container fields can be used as attachments or inline images
- Attachments can be opened directly from within FileMaker
- Rich text support - send formatted FileMaker text, WYSIWYG
- Send FileMaker multi-pages layouts (e.g. reports or invoices) as email, including PDF printouts
- Compose messages of multiple parts from various sources
- Accelerated decoding and encoding of messages with attachments
- Check the validity of email address online before sending a message
- Customizable timeout for IMAP, POP and SMTP connections
- Delete messages from IMAP and POP server after a specific numbers of days
- Customizable status dialog
... and much more

Mailit 6 comes with a detailed manual and a powerful suite of customizable sample files that demonstrate how to implement messaging and mass mail solutions using FileMaker.

About this Update
The following improvements have been implemented with Mailit

- Fixed: The "Emai_PopGetAttachmentIcon" could return error "-042" . This has been fixed.
- Fixed: The "Emai_HTMLToFmText" function would cut the text on certain non-ASCII characters. This has been fixed.
- Fixed: Plug-in used to save the last known log file location. This could cause a load failure if the last location path would not be accessible. This has been fixed.
- Fixed: The "Emai_ImapDeleteMessage" function call would crash if requested UID would not exist. This has been fixed.
- Fixed: The "Emai_ImapMoveMessage" function call would freeze if requested UID would not exist. This has been fixed.
- Fixed: Certain custom MIME structures cound result into missing message body. This has been addressed.
- Fixed: Plug-in crash on Mac OS 10.10 with FileMaker 11 has been addressed.
- Fixed: Plug-in crash on Mac OS 10.9 with FileMaker 14 has been addressed.
- Improved: The naming convention of the file exported by "Emai_ExportFile" function has been changed to facilitate the file recognition.

Registered Mailit 6 users can download this update for free at:

Availability of Mailit 6
Mailit 6 is available at:

A fully working trial version is available for download at:

License packages start at US$69.00 (single user). Full line of very affordable developer and network licenses is available as well. Mailit 5 users can upgrade for a significant discount at:

For FileMaker 9 and below please contact Dacons Limited for additional information.

What Users Say
Read what users say about Mailit:

Read how Mailit is used:

Suggested Uses for Mailit 6
1) Manage and categorize customer, client and project emails the powerful FileMaker way. Add group email functionality to your existing or new database solutions.
2) Send highly customized plain text, Rich Text or HTML mass-mailings including inline images. Mailit allows you to compose your emails from different fields and databases.
3) Update your company or workgroup FileMaker databases with the use of email and custom header fields. This can be done fully automated.
4) Check email information such as sender, subject and size before you download the actual message. Implement SPAM rules to delete certain messages directly on the server and keep your email traffic to an optimum.
5) Connect your FileMaker online solution or your database driven web site to Mailit to send highly customized and personalized newsletters and notifications.
6) Create email discussion list solutions with the database and administration power of FileMaker.

The combination of Mailit 6 and FileMaker 10/11/12/13/14/15 has features no other email application offers. It is incredible fast and opens completely new possibilities in email communication.
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