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MenuControl 5

MenuControl enables you to create your very own main menus, context and pop-up menus in FileMaker

MenuControl 5 for FileMaker

Product Info

The Next Generation of FileMaker Menu Manipulation For Main, Context and Pop-Up Menus

MenuControl enables you to create your very own main menus, context and pop-up menus in FileMaker using your scripts and default FileMaker menu items. Develop user-friendly and secure FileMaker solutions with unsurpassed ease and flexibility! Disable file window control buttons (minimize, maximize, close). MenuControl 5 works with FileMaker 5-12 on Windows and Mac OS.

MenuControl enables you to design custom menus for FileMaker 7 and earlier. For FileMaker 8-12 Advanced developers MenuControl provides significant advantages over the "custom menu" feature of FileMaker.

Why Use MenuControl with FileMaker 8-12

Already using FileMaker 8-12 or planning to upgrade soon? See the table below to learn why MenuControl is still developers' preferred choice over the "custom menu" feature that comes with FileMaker 8-12 Advanced.

Compare Features

Feature MC5 FM 5-7 FM 8-12
Customized cross-platform FileMaker main menus  
Modify the default FileMaker menu  
Intuitive MenuComposer - easily create custom menus via point & click    
Customize context menus for fields, layouts or files    
Create Pop-up menus with cascading sub-menus    
Change specific menu items on the fly (incl. disable/enable)    
Modify all menus and items (incl. Quit/Exit and the application menu)    
Disable file window control buttons (minimize, maximize, close)    
Install menus centrally for all layouts or even all files    
Assign all relevant keyboard shortcuts to menu items (incl. F-keys)    
Remove all FileMaker menu items and create a Thin Client interface    

A Whole Suite of Powerful Menu Functions

Create your own FileMaker main menus using your scripts
Replace the default FileMaker menu with your own menu items - custom menu items trigger your own scripts. Design your own menu structures including sub menus.
Modify the default FileMaker main menu to your needs
Include only those menu items that are relevant to your solution.
Create mixed menus combining the default FileMaker menu with your own menu items
Combine relevant default FileMaker menu items and your own scripts within the same menu.
Create custom keyboard shortcuts for quick access
Assign keyboard shortcuts to all of your menu items. Change the shortcuts of default FileMaker menu items.
Keep menus attached to certain files, layouts or modes automatically
MenuControl also enables you to create submenus. Creating clean and professional FileMaker user interfaces becomes a snap.
Create context menus for fields, layouts or files
Create custom context (right-click) menus and include default FileMaker menu items or your scripts. Several context menus can be present at the same time, i.e. for different fields.
Create custom pop-up menus
Show custom pop-up menus at a specific location in the layout or at the current cursor position. Unlike FileMaker's default pop-up menus MenuControl pop-up menus can trigger scripts and support sub menu structures.
Change menu items on the fly
Customize your menus automatically according to the situation. You can add/remove and enable/disable any menu item.
Toggle FileMaker toolbars
The FileMaker toolbars can be selectively disabled. You can hide and show the Standard as well as the Text Formatting toolbars even under FileMaker 6/5.
Additional security features help to control user access
The close button and other file window control buttons can be disabled. A Thin Client feature enables you to remove all menus items. Set Alternative Menus to replaces the default FileMaker main and context menu for all FileMaker files on a specific machine.
Design menus easily via point & click
Create your menus with the help of the MenuComposer, it's as easy as point & click.
Full cross-platform compatibility on Windows and Mac OS
MenuControl supports FileMaker 5-12 on Windows and Mac OS.

The MenuControl download package consists of two major items:

1. The MenuComposer is a standalone application that enables you to compose your menus using the scripts of your FileMaker solution or default FileMaker menus items via point & click.

2. The MenuControl FileMaker Plug-In sets and manages custom menus in FileMaker.

After extracting all files, read the file Read First for further information.

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