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Solutions Page

This page gives you details about some powerful open source FileMaker example solutions

Mailit 6 for FileMaker 10-16

Solutions Page

This page gives you details about some powerful open source FileMaker example solutions that utilize the cross-platform plug-in Mailit 6. These solutions can be downloaded for free with the Mailit 6 trial package. Please feel free to adapt them to your needs or to integrate them into your own FileMaker solution.

Personal Mail

Personal Mail is a personal email client application based on FileMaker 10-16 and Mailit 6. It supports rule and folder management. An account manager let you specify multiple email accounts. Send and receive messages automatically in a specified interval and manage contacts using the integrated Address Book.

Simple Mass Mail

This solution gives you an idea of what's possible with Mailit 6 in terms of highly personalized service emails. Import contacts from your existing database and send rich content HTML newsletters and announcements including inline images which show up directly in the email when it is opened on the recipient's computer. Extend Simple Mass Mail or integrate it into your existing database solution and let Mailit 6 help you to improve your customer relation ship management.

Simple Receiving

The Simple Receiving example solutions demonstrate how easy it is to retrieve emails directly into FileMaker using the Mailit 6 plug-in. The simple structure and in detail script comments of this templates help you to get started with Mailit in minutes. Read the tutorial which is also part of the Mailit 6 download package to learn more.

Simple Receiving Threaded

The Simple Receiving Threaded example solutions demonstrate how to use background receiving functions with Mailit 6. This sample is a variation of Simple Receiving example.

Simple Sending

Use these sample templates together with the Mailit 6 tutorial to learn sending emails with your existing FileMaker solution. Like the Simple Receiving example set this one provides in detail script comments and a structure that lets you understand the functionality very quickly.

Simple Sending Threaded

The Simple Sending Threaded example solutions demonstrate how to use background sending functions with Mailit 6. This sample is a variation of Simple Sending example.

Further Interesting Inspirations

Apart from the example files mentioned above there are many more interesting solutions which can be created with FileMaker 10-16 and Mailit 6. Just think of how easy and flexible the following could be achieved with FileMaker:

Multi User Account Solutions
Enable multiple users to download certain messages from the same email account. Let every user download messages with certain subjects or emails sent by certain senders only. Reduce your email traffic and focus on important messages.
Junk Email Protection
Check email information such as sender, subject and size before you download the actual message. Implement SPAM rules to delete certain messages directly on the server without downloading them and keep your email traffic to an optimum.
Email Power For Your Web Site
Connect your FileMaker online solution or your database driven web site to Mailit to send highly customized and personalized newsletters and notifications.
Utilize Custom Header Fields
Create your own business communication system based on the email standard. Mailit 6 lets you read and write custom header fields for calendar solutions or contact management modules.
Email Discussion Lists
Create email discussion list solutions with the database and administration power of FileMaker. Implement 'subscribe' and 'unsubscribe' engines and delete the addresses of bounced messages from the subscribers database automatically.

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