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Create customizable charts generation facilities for FileMaker

ChartFire for FileMaker

Product Info

ChartFire is an indispensable plug-in that lets you go beyond the data representation capabilities of FileMaker. ChartFire provides customizable charts generation facilities. Each chart is produced as a PNG or JPEG image, which can be stored within a container field, or exported to disk.

ChartFire can be used in both FileMaker and Runtime solutions.

Use ChartFire to enrich your solution with supreme charts, not seen in FileMaker before.

Compare Features

Charting Feature CF FM 7-10 FM 11-12
Charting support  
Runtime compatibility    
Detach any pie chart value    
Custom colors support    

Function overview

Create customizable "Pie", "Bars" and "Lines" charts
Create unlimited amount of charts
Create 3D and 2D charts
Create unlimited number of data series
Use charts with Runtime solutions (developer licenses)
Give your FileMaker application a visual data representation that goes beyond the text information

Possible Solutions

Visualize content of your database solution
Enhance reports with charts
Create dashboards that visualize data using charts


ChartFire is available as single user and network licenses starting at just US$ 59. If you would like to redistribute ChartFire together with your FileMaker solution you can obtain a developer license for royalty-free distribution. Please review the Pricing & Purchase page for further information.

Download Free Trial

Download a trial version of ChartFire for free. The Quick Start file included in the download package gets you started in minutes. For further reference check out the detailed manual that is included as well.

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